Choosing Your Bbq Menu

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If you’ve already decided to make use of a bbq catering service on your next party, you might now be thinking what bbq food to include on the menu. In Singapore, satay party is one of the popular ways in celebrating festivities. They have their own Singapore chicken and pork bbq seasoned with the country’s exotic herbs and spices. However, before you pick and finalize everything on the menu, make sure you meet the singapore bbq catering professional first and ask what other options they can offer.

Meet the Caterer
Start by meeting with your chosen Singapore catering professional. From there, you can get an idea of what options they offer, how the products will be delivered, and if they offer bbq singapore wholesale purchasing and pricing. This can be the best opportunity for you to ask questions and explain the event’s background. Explain where the event will take place and the number of guests expected to come. The meeting is plainly about information for both sides and you’re not obliged to place an order, so don’t be pressured.

Samples and Tastings
After you’ve chosen your Singapore bbq catering company, the next thing you have to make is to arrange a tasting session. Some companies do it on specific dates of the year when bbq singapore catering is highly in demand. There are also some who do it anytime of the year, either free of charge or with nominal fee. It is important for the host not to skip this session especially when you’re not very familiar with the bbq food served by your chosen bbq catering company. On the tasting session, make sure you won’t fill yourself up with just one delightful item. Have a little of everything before you come up with your final food list.

The Final Menu
After all the inquiry and food tasting session, you now have to decide what dishes should be included in your bbq party menu. Keep in mind that aside from your main dish (or main dishes) you need to pick one or two side dishes. Potato salad and coleslaw are the most popular that work well with bbq dishes. Lastly, don’t forget the beverages. Serve softdrinks, lemonade, and adult beverages for a variety of choices for the guests.

If you’re throwing a party on a budget, try looking for bbq catering Singapore company that offers bbq wholesale purchasing. Or you can purchase your own meat in bbq wholesale shops and let the caterer do the cooking and serving for you. For beverages, buy kegs of beer if serving beer. If serving fruit juices, put it in a punch bowl or in a juice dispenser and let your guests help themselves for drinks.

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