Business Prosperity: Following the Wrong Advice Could Mean Failure

Business 24 October 2014 | 0 Comments

Most of the time, business owners don’t seek help from experts on what to do with their company because they just rely on the things that they already know. This is just a normal for many businessman until they experience their sales going down.


Initial Reaction: Sometimes, they will just fix it on their own because they are afraid of expenses. Usually, when you ask for help there are people you can arrange a mutual relationship with; they’ll let you pay in return for their work. Another option for business owners is to seek advice from people who are close to them, such as their family and close friends.

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Looking for Help: For instance, your business belongs to food industry and you have to introduce a new product to your customers. You have to conduct a taste test. Usually, you are the first one to taste it before other people taste it. You have to decide first whether you the food passed your taste or not. If you are doubtful about the product, this is the time that you will seek help from others.

The Bad Decision: When you believe on somebody’s advice, there is a tendency that they will ruin your product. They will say that your newly made food is good to go but in reality, it is not. Because you trust them so much, you will decide to put it to your menu. But the truth is that the food doesn’t taste good. You can remove it from your menu but your restaurant is now in bad record.


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