4 Easy Morning Sickness Home Remedies

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Motherhood is a wonderful blessing. It feels marvelous to know that you are growing a human life inside of you. Unfortunately, pregnancy is not a breeze to go through. The first three months are a complete nightmare.

Morning sickness is the first hurdle soon-to-be moms have to go through. All the nausea, vertigo, fatigue and vomiting can take a toll on our health and mood. Luckily, there are easy and safe morning sickness remedies easily accessible to use. Here are just some of the following:



Ginger contains properties that fight off the feeling of nausea. You can consume it in any form you prefer. Sip it as a hot tea, enjoy it in candied form or simply take it as pills. It doesn’t matter in what form because the effectiveness is still intact.

Ginger was first used by the Chinese to fight off indigestion and other digestive illnesses. A study recently suggests that drinking ginger tea reduces the symptoms of nausea and morning sickness in pregnant women.



Lemon’s zesty flavor can wake up your taste buds. Sucking on a lemon wedge cleanses the palate and helps the body feel refreshed. Its scent is also an effective tool in reducing nausea and vomiting symptoms during pregnancy.

Lemon’s strong flavor can turn off some people. If this is too much, you can enjoy lemon-flavored lozenges or simply make lemon water to be taken daily.


Acupressure band

There is an acupressure wristband available in the market today. It is originally created for sea crew members who have a terrible case of sea sickness but now nauseated pregnant women can experience its benefits.

The band is designed to stimulate the P6 pressure point in the body. However, this is a bit expensive so if you don’t want to splurge for this acupressure equipment, simply press the insides of your wrists to relieve the feeling of nausea.


Child’s pose

Contrary to others’ beliefs, doing yoga is safe for pregnant women. The child’s pose, a basic yoga pose, promotes the circulation of blood so it eases nausea symptoms. Yoga practitioners usually do this to relax before going to bed.


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